• ​Write your book and perform proofreading

  • Personal book editing, cover designed, formatting

  • Reserve book title, copyright, ISBN

  • Find a printing independent company

  • Your book is self-published

  • Keep 100% loyalties and copy rights

  • Organize public relations

  • Your own sales and marketing​

Self-publish your book without the involvement

of an establishing platform.

Self-Publish your book

Book Marketing Strategies

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Self-publish your book

through a publishing platform


The authors perform some of the activities themselves and outsource other tasks. With a prepaid fee the self-publishing platform may perform such as: registration, editing, marketing, etc. and reaps a share of the sales, loyalties, etc. 

The authors control the entire process, including all steps and activities listed below. In 100% self-publishing, the authors bear all of these costs but keep all the profits. 

  • Establish a budget
  • Pricing your book effectively
  • Identify your audience.
  • Start a Blog and build a website
  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Build your email list, write e-articles
  • Create a press release, bookmarks, postcards
  • Reach book clubs, and local bookstores
  • Get Book Reviews from Individuals

Traditional publishers promote their books with established writers. Publishers have limited marketing budgets and appropriate their funds to star authors. Unknown authors have to prove themselves by promoting books on their own. Established publishers may list your book in their list and may place your book in a bookstore.
To generate book sales, you have to promote the book on your own.

  • Write a book

  • Choose a self-publishing platform to use

  • Negotiate contract, loyalties and copy rights

  • Book editing, cover design, formatting etc.

  • Book is self-publishing

  • Optional platform marketing & sales

  • Self-marketing and sales or through your platform